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Topic Score: 49.0

The Employment Topic includes three Indicators that measure participation in the workforce, an essential component of economic wellbeing. The first Indicator in this Topic measures disparities in the rate of disconnectedness from school or work among young people ages 16 to 24 between African Americans and Asians. The second Indicator measures disparities in labor force participation, while the third Indicator focuses on disparities in unemployment, both between African American and White Oaklanders.
Photo of City of Oakland Public Works Sewer Division employees.
The Employment Topic scored 49.0, the second highest score in the Economy Theme. The disconnected youth Indicator received the lowest score within the topic at 35. Labor force participation scored the highest within the Topic at 72, and the unemployment score was 40. This indicates that while there are fewer racial and ethnic disparities in who is participating the labor market, African American people within the labor market face greater disadvantage when it comes to securing and maintaining employment.

Employment - Disconnected Youth

Score: 35
Ratio: 2.80

Citywide, one in ten youth were neither working nor in school (10.3%). African American youth were the most likely to be disconnected (14.8%), followed closely by Latino youth (13.2%). Asian youth were the least likely to be disconnected (5.3%), while 8.8% of White youth were disconnected. African American youth were 2.80 times more likely to be disconnected from both work and school than Asian youth. This outcome tracks with the education data for the groups, with the same groups experiencing the greatest disadvantage.

Employment - Labor Force Participation

Score: 72
Ratio: 1.27
Across all racial and ethnic groups, about one in three individuals aged 16 and older (32.6%) were not in the labor force. Labor force non-participation was less common among Whites and Latinos, 28.9% and 30.9% respectively. Higher percents of African Americans (36.7%) and Asians (36.0%) were not in the labor force. African Americans were 1.27 times more likely than Whites to not be in the labor force.

Employment - Unemployment

Score: 40
Ratio: 2.12
African Americans were the most likely to be unemployed (8.9%) and Whites the least likely (4.2%). The unemployment rate among Latinos (4.5%) was similar to that of Whites, while a slightly higher percent of Asians were unemployed (5.8%). African Americans were 2.12 times more likely than Whites to be unemployed.

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