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Neighborhood and Civic Life

Photo of Downtown Oakland near Broadway and 19th Street.

Theme Score: 50.6

For a city to thrive, it is essential that neighborhoods are safe and accessible, and that residents have the opportunity to access city services and hold the city government accountable. Oakland residents face disparities based on where they live in the city, with majority non-White neighborhoods faring worse than majority White neighborhoods. Neighborhood differences rooted in historical segregation result in disparate outcomes for people of color, especially African American and Latino residents. 
Neighborhood and Civic Life scored the highest, indicating the most equity, compared to the other Themes in the Oakland Equity Indicators framework. The 12 Indicators within the Neighborhood and Civic Life Theme examine inequities faced by racial and ethnic minorities across four Topic areas: Built Environment, Civic Engagement, Environmental Health, and Transportation and Infrastructure.
The lowest scoring Topic was Built Environment (33.3), followed by Environmental Health (46.7) and Transportation and Infrastructure (47.3). Civic Engagement scored the highest at 75.0.
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