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Photo of the Port of Oakland at sunset.

Theme Score: 41.8

In Oakland and across the Bay Area, there are wide disparities in economic outcomes for different groups. Structural barriers in society result in some residents having more access than others to economic opportunities that build wealth and financial stability. This Theme not only includes the standard measures of economic well-being (e.g., unemployment, poverty) but it also evaluates racial and ethnic disparities in the quality of jobs, business development, and elements of financial health.
Economy ranked second highest compared to the other Themes in the Oakland Equity Indicators framework. The 12 Indicators within the Economy Theme examine inequities faced by racial and ethnic minorities across four Topic areas: Business Development, Employment, Financial Health, and Job Quality.
All Topics showed room for improvement. Job Quality had the highest Topic score (51.7), and Employment scored second highest (49.0), followed by Business Development (33.7), and the lowest scoring Topic was Financial Health (32.7).
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